Oregon Workers’ comp patients benefit from our diverse range of expertise.

If you are an Oregon Workers’ Comp patient, our goal is to “get you back in the game as quickly as possible.” That includes getting you out of pain as fast as possible, getting you back to work, and making sure you know what to do to help yourself heal and get strong again.

We are on the panels that allow us to treat your work injury. We do function as attending physicians, although we can only do this for the first 60 days after you start with us. More often, we receive referrals from the Occupational Health Departments, at Asante, at Providence, and at Valley Immediate. We do cooperate with these providers. You can request a referral to us from Occ. Health. We only accept Oregon Worker’s Comp claims.

Our expertise in sports medicine and in chronic musculo-skeletal pain, comes into play in treating work injuries.