We are all about helping you solve your back and neck pain. We bring our combined 55 years of experience to the table. Our approach starts with diagnosis. First, we will figure out what is wrong with you, and then design a program to correct it. That means the treatment and the rehab exercises will be different from one patient to another. Your pain and its causes are unique to you. In difficult or chronic pain, it often takes a combination of treatments to solve the problem. You can be assured that we will not do the same things over-and-over forever. Our goal is to get you back in the game, back to yourself, as quickly as humanly possible.

We have many tools we use. We often start with low force adjustments. This means we may not “pop” you, but will use gentler forms of mobilization to realign and reset your spinal joints. When one area is stuck, the body goes through a series of changes, so we will look at the joints and muscles nearby, to see what else is pulling on you.

Pain is a liar! The pain you feel in your shoulder could be coming from tight fascia in your chest or from the nerves in your lower neck, or from the upper ribs in your back. Addressing the muscles is an essential part of our approach. Your body compensates when you hurt. Some muscles are going to get too tight; some are going to get weak. We work together with our massage therapists, to help release the tight places, using many techniques, including ART, Graston technique, and various forms of myofascial release. When the muscles are imbalanced, you stop moving properly, reinforcing the bad movement habits. We will teach you exercises designed to help you move better, and restore your flexibility and strength.

What about the nerves? When you hurt, it is your nerves giving your brain a wrong signal. We will assess what nerves are unhappy, and help quiet them. This can involve treating the spine, where the nerves originate. We also address the irritated nerves directly using laser, our advanced Russian E-stim devices, and hands-on nerve release work.