Each and every body has the innate ability to heal itself.

Our job as chiropractors is to help your body do what it knows how to do to feel better but has temporarily forgotten. In difficult or chronic cases, we look beyond the obvious causes to unearth what hidden factors might be contributing your suffering.

Because most pain involves multiple factors, our approach to resolving it is threefold.

  • First, we provide gentle, low force adjustments to the joints. Misaligned joints or vertebrae are the root cause of many types of pain.
  • Second, we offer soft tissue therapies, which allow your muscles to release their tight hold. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but oxygen and nutrients will have an easier time reaching your muscles, allowing them to heal.
  • Third, we teach you how to take care of your body, with rehabilitation exercises and stretches specifically geared to your condition. Teaching your body new ways of holding itself is key to a life without pain.

Our integrated three-step approach to pain resolution gives you the best possible chances of leaving behind the postural patterns that cause you pain.