There is hope for sufferers of neck pain.

As mentioned on our introduction page, we do things differently than the average
chiropractor. This is especially clear in relation to neck pain. If traditional
chiropractic adjustments work well for you, all three of our doctors are competent
and skilled at these.

If you prefer not to have your neck “popped”, we have lots of tools to release your
neck without high velocity adjustments. We know that sometimes the problem is the
stuck places, and we will both release the soft tissues, and mobilize the joints. We
use gentle methods, including Activator and Arthostim from the chiropractic
methods, and muscle energy and counter-strain from the osteopathic tradition, for
low force adjusting. We can very gently adjust your neck- without any popping- no
matter how arthritic or osteoporotic it is. We know how to safely adjust your neck.

We also recognize that sometimes there are places that are moving too much, and
you may need stabilization, in addition to mobilization. We will show you the right
exercises, both for flexibility, and for stability.

As with all conditions, we will work with you to help you figure out what you are
doing that irritates your neck. That could be as simple or complex as your sleep
position, the height of your computer screen, having the wrong glasses for your
computer, or other problems.

Our specialized healing tools include the Scenar, a special Russian form of smart
electric stimulation. We use lasers and LED light, which can speed healing and
charge your mitochondrial “batteries.” We pay attention to both the front and the
back of the neck, as both areas may need work. The upper back, chest muscles, and
rib cage are often involved in neck problems, so we will look at those areas. We are
trained in deep soft tissue work includes ART (Active Release), Stecco Fascial
Manipulation, and Graston Technique. For those that need gentler soft tissue, we do
cranial work, strain-counter-strain, and gentle myofascial release. The key – our
combined 55 years of clinical experience allow us to figure out what are the right
treatments for your condition.